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In the beginning of May, we visited, accompanied by Sheila Tagaro and Monaliza Zabala, Europe.

The first week of our visit was completely absorbed by the important conchological event which is the shell show in Antwerp. Already from Wednesday on we received visitors from all over the world in our Berchem house and it was a constant sorting out of shells followed by pleasing exchanges of ideas and information during the evening meals.

The Shell Show itself broke records with over 350 m of table and over 120 participants from all over the world. The offer in shells was, generally speaking, quite good, especially in the less popular but the more interesting families. We observed a few shells from the Philippines only. A limited offer in Australian Zoila which apparently are not dived in quantities any longer. Madagascar shells were present by three dealers who agreed to leave their integral but limited stocks to our company, so you can expect a sensational offer in the coming months from this region. We were glad to acquire most of the now rarer material from old fishing grounds which are not exploited any more.

Three book dealers displayed much interesting literature and apart from shells some stands had shell ethnography, shell art and a little bit of jewelry. The latter to the delight of the female visitors.

We took one afternoon to meet with many of the authors from the upcoming volumes "Philippine Marine Mollusks" and with the editor Klaus Groh from Conchbooks we agreed on a deadline for the first volume which will appear still this year.

All in all a great experience and we must thank the Belgische Vereniging voor Conchyliologie for the absolutely perfect organization.

After the shell show we went to Paris where we discussed the ongoing research and collaboration with Philippe Bouchet from the MNHN, Paris, now on the Aurora expedition with the vessel Dab-Far in northern Luzon.

Visits to KBIN, Brussels, Cannes, Nice and Monaco where we met more scientists, collectors and dealers and shortly afterwards back to Paris and then again in the plane for the 28 hours trip to Mactan!

We are now sorting out and encoding for you lots of material that arrived in the meantime in our offices and wish you happy collecting in the weeks to come.

It now seems we were so busy only few photos have been taken during the trip, but here are a few:

Berchem: Hard at work for Conchology, Inc.: from left to right Guido, Sheila, Philippe, Mona.

Shell Show Antwerp: Mona, Sheila and Christina Groh - with the many Visaya's available there.

Shell Show Antwerp: Evening after talks: from left to right Guido, Javier Conde, Cecile Hoskens, Bruno Briano, Murielle Willox, Sheila, Mona and Scott Jordan.

KBIN, Brussels: Sheila and Jackie Van Goethem showing the fantastic Dautzenberg library: they are busy with a copy of Seba !

MNHN, Paris: Left to right: Guido, Sheila, Alexander Sysoev, Mona and Philippe Maestrati. All hypnotized by Turrids, comparing shells from New Caledonia with the Conchology, Inc. material.

MNHN, Paris: Guido & Sheila in the Type Collection. A thrill.