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Exceptional Catalogues

Exceptional shells are exactly what the name says: they are not the usual pieces one sees, they are better. More beautiful, more colored, more perfect than what is expected from a given species. They deserve an extra value and an extra treatment. Therefore we present them in our "Catalogue Exceptional", which you are invited to browse for the pleasure of the eye and eventual purchases of these conchological treasures. An exception among the exceptionals are the Paratypes: they are here because of their prestigious properties, not because of beauty of course.

The term “Exceptional”, is proper to Conchology, Inc. and Guido invented the use of it long before the creation of this company, now 11 years ago. Since, it has been applied worldwide in the sector, properly or abusively.

The Exceptionals of Conchology, Inc. all come with a certificate in color.

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