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Conchology, Inc. exchanges shells from the Philippines for shells from "foreign" countries, value for value.

This means, that if we agree to exchange for example 100 EUR of your shells, then you can chose 100 EUR of Philippine shells from our lists.

As usual, the TRADITIONAL RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR EXCHANGES also apply with Conchology, Inc.

The most important ones are:

  1. We exchange only for NICE QUALITY shells that are WELL DOCUMENTED. Shells with broken lips, growth lines, faded coloration, acid treated, etc... have to be avoided, unless it concerns very rare items where it may be acceptable. But in general, these things are not acceptable. No labels for example with "Florida" or "Mediterranean" only. Our customers cannot use such material in the majority of cases.
  2. If the shells are common, please make a series. We can use up to 20 pieces/species if not present on our lists online. Less is acceptable, but do not send one or two pieces only of 2 eur shells.
  3. Value per piece is limited to shells of 50 eur per shell to choose from, unless you can send pieces of equal value. We cannot exchange a 100 eur shell for 100 Littorina of 1 eur. It's not the same thing, as 100 eur shells are extremely hard to come by and usually ask a large investment to find them, such as boats, tangle nets a. o. 100 Littorina can be collected in a minute on most coasts... And by walking on the intertidal.
  4. Postage is a problem today, especially in larger shells. We therefore reduce the postage from the value of the shells send, except for the first kilogram. A Chicoreus ramosus of 25 EUR may cost 45 EUR to send today. In this case, we will charge 70 EUR of the shells you have sent.
  5. Not available for EXCHANGE are:

    AUCTION shells. Our auctions are a pure cash event. To keep fair competition.

    Shells on PREMIUM PREVIEW lists are not available for exchange.

  6. Exchanges have to be "consumed" within 2 weeks after receiving notice of the "value" (see below): the credits cannot be used to cream of the best shells that we offer twice a week over a long period, but have to be chosen "at once".

Remember that rules and regulations are made to smoothen things for people and not vice versa. So, exceptions can be applied. Contact on the subject.



  • You make offer by list, only nice quality and labeled, we prefer lots of 10 specimen each unless it concerns rare shells, or even more specimen when it concerns special groups such as Cypraea or Pecten.
  • We inform you about the shells we can use
  • You mail the shells
  • We estimate the sales value of your shells and let you know the amount we can exchange for and which corresponds to what Conchology, Inc. will get in cash for your material.
  • At the same time you can make a shopping in our PHILIPPINE shells for the value of the amount we agreed on, but only in PHILIPPINE shells of a maximum value of 50 eur/piece - unless we agreed otherwise.
  • Shells we cannot accept will be returned to you with the shells you have chosen.

The profit of Conchology, Inc is only in our purchasing of local shells from the Philippines, so we cannot exchange foreign pieces in general.


Conchology, Inc. constantly buys shells from local dealers but we also purchase stocks from abroad. Please make offers at wholesale prices.

We also purchase COLLECTIONS. Please make offers.

However, if you want to obtain the MARKET VALUE for your shells, abstain from offering. Conchology, Inc. is a professional enterprise and functions as such: with a cost and profit margin as do other enterprises.

In the case we purchase shells, we pay by a variety of means such as Paypal, or bank transfer or Western Union, after receiving the parcel(s).


Contact Guido T. Poppe or Sheila P. Tagaro with your exchange proposal and more information.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Guido & Philippe