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Fake shells is a new speciality in the shell world. You must be prepared when you buy such shells. They are very hard to dismantle. Currently, there are 186 fake shells shown here.

Cypraea leucodon

This leucodon changed in colour during the year. When we bought it the colour was perfectly olive. A real leucodon, coated and repainted. This often happens with dead shells that are virtually impossible to sell. Many collectors got trapped, to the great joy of the local fakers.


Cypraea lynx

A great fake, this lynx has been polished, colored and plastified.

Cypraea mappa

Nice fake with pale colour bands. Dream shell.


Cypraea mappa

A much sought after fake, but not often available and rather expensive to buy. A dwarf mappa coated with a fake rostration and then painted. Looks almost real. Fortunately the fakers do not know there is no mantle line as such on New Caledonian blacks: their fantasy got wild and they made the fake better and more beautiful than the real thing. Here art starts.

Cypraea mappa

Two siphonal ends of the mappa glued together, in resina and then painted and coated. Fantastic nice item and expensive.


Cypraea mappa

The base is completely fake. With extended teeth. Hand-polished, it takes three days of work to make such a fake.

Cypraea mappa

Entirely colored and replastified.


Cypraea mappa

Extended teeth, polished, a job of three days.

Cypraea mappa

Heated, the fantastic "pale" mappa.


Cypraea mappa mappa

A superb fake pattern (acids and repolished)

Cypraea mappa mappa

Suberp fake pattern.


Cypraea mappa mappa

Fake number 9. Perfectly done.

Cypraea maricola

A dead shell, painted and varnished.


Cypraea mauritiana

Second of its type: the shape of the base has been cut out out in a heavy mauritiana. I was once trapped by this fake (having sold years ago the real thing - I thought this was another one). Fortunately, before selling I detected unusual colour in the grouves (caused by the shell layers) and under the microscope the truth was revealed. Sold to me by another European dealer who got the shell from the faker.

Cypraea miliaris

A fake ALBINO shell. First heated to get dirty cream white and then put "on the roof" as they say on Mactan to get perfectly white through intensive sun light. Natural white specimen exist.


Cypraea miliaris

Polished, the special color form.

Cypraea moneta

With acids: the "amethystina" in Cypraea moneta.


Cypraea roselli

The pink colour on the dorsum of this dead found rosselli adds a tinge of fantasy and refers the shell to top kitch.

Cypraea rosselli

Polished rosselli to get a nice dorsal spot.


Cypraea sakuraii

A dead shell, painted and plastified.