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Frequently Asked Questions

Available Shells

All shells have a picture that shows the shell you buy.

Shells for sale are categorized into two:

  1. Exceptional Shells: are shells that stand out by criteria such as quality, rarity, size, beauty etc.
  2. Selected Shells: these are good to very good representatives of the species. In general, they have been sorted out of many specimens, mainly on their quality.

You can judge quality from the picture. Since fine digital images are available we give less attention to this quality determination, unless it concerns "dead" shells.


Bidding Table

Amount to Bid Next Minimum Bid
$1 - $9 + $1
$10 - $99 + $5
$100 - $999 + $25
$1000 - $9999 + $75

A bid you placed cannot be withdrawn and is a firm contract to buy the shell after the auction.

When winning items on the Conchology, Inc. auction, no discount is given on the total amount.

We will send the parcel to the customer after receiving the payment.

Ordering Shells

Ordering can be done by adding shells in the shopping basket on the website or you can email, fax or order by the telephone.

All prices are in euro and US dollar and do not include postage.



  • 10 % - individual order of 600 €/US$ and above
    - has accumulated orders starting 1500 €/US$ all succeeding orders are applied with 10% discount
  • 15 % - has accumulated or reached a total order of at least 10,000 €/US$

Dealers (Minimum orders US $1,000)
  • 30 % - Philippine shells excluding exceptional, rare and shells over a value of $200
  • 15 % - Non Philippine shells


All orders have to be paid in advance. When we receive the payment, the parcel will be mailed immediately to the customer.

We accept the following payments:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card payments
  • Cash payment

The fastest payment method is by paypal or credit card. The maximum amount that can be paid through credit card is € 3000. For higher amounts, we suggest you to pay by bank transfer.

Cash payments and checks have to be sent in a registered envelope to the following address:

 Philippe Poppe
 Stanislas Leclefstraat 8
 2600 Berchem
 Philippe Poppe
 Conchology, Inc.
 Cebu Light Industrial Park
 Basak, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu 6015

For the Conchology. Inc. bank details, email Jecilia for more information.


Conchology, Inc. has a very strict privacy policy. The received personal information is not given to third parties.

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Conservation of Rare, Threatened and Endangered Fisheries Species

We do not send forbidden shells from the Philippine Government and Cites

Read this page for information about endangered species, issued by the Philippine Department of Agriculture.