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Gloria Maris
The Belgian Society of Conchology was founded in 1961 and publishes the Journal Gloria Maris.

Gloria Maris has evolved numerous times since its creation. Until 1985 the articles were mainly written in Dutch and it was stenciled in A4 format. From 1986 onwards English became the main language and it was more professionally edited and printed in A5.

The articles range from travel reports to description of new shells. There are family revisions, orbituary and much more.

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1962 - 1991

The Belgian Society of Conchology scanned all issues from 1962 to 1991 and made them available on a DVD for their members.

You now have the PDF archive for Gloria Maris on your fingertips at Conchology, Inc.

In the company, we are at present scanning and filming all remaining issues, from 1986 until 2010 and these become accessible to you as they are processed in the coming weeks.


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