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A VISIT TO JAPAN - KYOTO  2017-05-23

After our busy days in Tokyo, we moved to the very heart of Japan: the historical and romantic city of Kyoto. Kyoto is rather small today: about the same size of Brussels, with one and a half million people. For more than a thousand years, Kyoto was the capital of Japan, which left it with a tremendous cultural heritage. The emperor left Kyoto for Tokyo in 1869. Much like Bruges in Belgium, Kyoto was quite well preserved during the WWII. It is a classic destination for tourists in search of an original "Japanese" experience. The city never deceives, despite the fact that much of the older Kyoto is hidden between a wealth of modern architecture.

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A VISIT TO JAPAN - TOKYO 2  2017-05-10

Our last full day in Tokyo was not less busy than the first one. In the morning, wake up at 6 am, rush through the breakfast and in the taxi for a visit to famous Tsukiji market.

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A VISIT TO JAPAN - TOKYO 1  2017-05-08

Shortly before our heart operations we got a nice email from Yoshihiro Goto that he will be glad to see us in Japan. This was delayed almost 2 years until we felt good enough to do so, and in April this year we knew it was the right moment to make the small jump by plane to this most wonderful of countries.

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BACK FROM JAPAN  2017-04-21

This short letter is to inform you that our long silence on most emails was due to a visit of 12 days to Japan. We took the opportunity to visit long-time friends from this great country that we did not see for awhile. It was the time of the "sakura" in Japan, the famous "cherry-blossom" period, which was unusually late this year.

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We are now the end of March, and this is a little like the start of this new year is behind us. In the northern hemisphere spring is peeping everywhere, I am told there are many crocus all over the place. In the southern hemisphere starts the autumn with expected colorations in the forests. And in the Philippines it is the official start of the summer-months April and May with, we hope, a flat sea. The temperature raises several degrees and we will once more be able to stay for hours in the water.

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