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We are approaching the end of this amazing year 2013 at great speed. In the Philippines people put Christmas decoration from September on - it gets later each year - and the Christmas trees appear in the beginning on December. But other signs are there: the shops are getting fuller and fuller and the women in this country are all hunting presents with a frenzy becoming bigger every year as the Philippines gets richer.

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Molluscan Research Vol. 33, No. 4  2013-12-07

You can become a member of the Malacological Society of Australasia and the Society for the study of Molluscan diversity, so you get the journal for free:

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Journal of Conchology Vol. 41, Part 4  2013-12-06

We now produce newsletters on the new publications received by Conchology, Inc. The purpose is multiple: in first instance, it should incite all of you to buy the numbers of the Journal, in order to complete your information and knowledge on the many topics, especially the ones of interest to yourselves.

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We received an email announcing the phylogeography of the giant clams (Tridacna) in the Indo-Pacific. Currently eight described species within the genus Tridacna. 3 species have restricted distributions (Red Sea, Mauritius, and Fiji to Tonga, respectively). And 5 species are widely distributed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with the latter two extending their distribution into the Red Sea.

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10 YEARS CONCHOLOGY  2013-09-17

Years ago, Bill Gates made an intelligent statement, when he said that the world doesn't change much in 3 years, but after 10 years, one is living in "another" world.

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