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LAST DAY OF 2014  2014-12-31

This is the last day of the year and we are only 6 in the offices of Conchology, Inc. today. It is a perfect moment to write a small newsletter. We start with the best wishes to all of you, once more

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HAPPY 2015  2014-12-18

2014 was a great year for Conchology, Inc., with, thanks to all of you, sustained sales. As confirmed by the big auction houses throughout the world, the crisis in our sector is definitely gone.

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This book takes us on a ride through 267 pages of information on how shells entered the collections of the Duchess of Portland, and how they left the collections. The book is a detailed account full of philosphical considerations, scrutinizing the motivations behind the motivations and the consequences behind the consequences of the many people involved in the transfer of a found shell on a given beach to the prestigious place in an 18th century British collection.

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We slowly start our management of the literature. In the coming months we will update the Conchology, Inc. homepage with a genuine overview of the recent literature. Literature is the backbone of a collector and the backbone of a collection. Needless to say it is the solid backbone of any shell dealer. When choosing among dealers, put an oblique eye on the shell books. Any library of less than 3 meters shelf should raise high suspicions.

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The latest weeks were busy, very busy indeed. We are now September and the two summer months, July and August, did NOT meet the expectations of slow business. We therefore were very well motivated to work hard and finally decided to put order in our pre-stock shells. The result is impressive, we show you one image of half of the pre-stock. While putting order and going through each lot of shells, we discovered thousands of items not online. Our ladies are "filming in" all these for you. In the meantime we continue to purchase vintage stocks as opportunities offer themselves.

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