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updates  2009-12-23

Since one year, our company started exploring possibilities for faster determination of postage stamps. The obvious solution was that computers replace the manual searches in catalogues by searches in existing digital databases. The process is called Image Recognition. Existing systems are out of price for small companies but we finally succeeded thanks to the open source community to develop a functioning program.

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updates  2009-12-14

We are delighted to inform you that the known malacologist, Prof. Philippe Bouchet of MNHN, Paris, received high recognition from the French governement: he became Chevalier in the order of National Merits (Chevalier dans l'ordre national du M?rite) on december 1. A well deserved honor and title for the top discoverer in marine biology of today.

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updates  2009-09-24

For the pleasure of the social side of our conchological activities, we are uploading photos of the different visitors in CONCHOLOGY, Inc. over the years.

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websiteupdates  2009-09-10

Today we have uploaded a new version of the website CONCHOLOGY, Inc., which is much faster. We also joined the SHELL ENCYCLOPEDIA which today counts 17885 taxa, about 17000 different species and 336 000 documented individual shells.

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updates  2009-06-19

The last two mini auctions - short for one weekend only - of spectacular or rare shells were successful. We placed the auction in a NEW layout dress, prices are in EURO.

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