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memorium De Suduiraut  2010-12-24

Some days are more special than other days. Last wednesday was such a day: I woke up at 6 a.m. in the futuristic Crown Plaza hotel of Changi Airport in Singapore, on my way back from Bali to Cebu. After the always exhausting flight over the open ocean between Malaysia and the Philippines, I took a brief swim in the pool and prepared for the Christmas party of Conchology that very same day. We rented a nice beach in one of the hotels on Mactan and the ladies of our company were more wild than usual. It was a full moon that night and while the events were going on I thought by myself it was not a day as others.

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star system  2010-11-30

Repeatedly we got inquiries from customers who are eager to obtain a price catalogue of shells - much similar to the one produced until not so long ago by Tom Rice. Conchology has a good information system in which most prices on-line are documented, so that our price setting stays competitive in the very open market of the internet-business.

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updates  2010-11-17

It has been some time since my last newsletter as events followed events here in Mactan Island. There is active trawling going on in front of my house and I frankly think that most species turning up are now enough on the market. Strangely enough some items came up in one or two specimens only but this is not enough to pay the complete operations.

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updates  2010-10-18

As you could state, for several weeks we got no auction. The reason was very simple: I traveled Europe once more.

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updates  2010-08-20

The previous weeks have been very busy here. We got several visitors. Among these, Ian Fontanilla, from the UP-Diliman University. Ian is not only professor in this gigantic university but also the president of the Malacological Society of the Philippines. Some of his students will make a comparison between the catches in Lumun lumun netting between the Luzon area and the Visayan area. An uppermost interesting project.

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