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Chicago  2011-11-21

This time, I chose a standing Bulul made by Tagilig from Hengyon (in the central Cordilleras, Luzon) somewhere between 1900 and 1925. Tagilig is the most famous of Bulul sculptors and is known for his influence by the west already. This bulul is the male of a couple and looks like "frozen". A feeling I got often this year, having no time for much publications.

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breaking news  2011-09-30

The figures on top are a "thinking Bulul". Very appropriate today, as times are complicate. The Bulul are the sacred statues of the Cordillera people in Luzon, they are amongst the most fascinating expression of art of a recently disappeared culture. They bring good luck to their owners and the people around them.

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Newsletter  2011-07-05

I woke up excited this morning with images of BEAUTIFUL Clanculus going through my mind, and this gave rise to deep happiness. I want to share some of this happiness and thought it was the right moment to make once more a newsletter. With thanks and appreciation to the numerous enthusiast replies I got from dozens among you on preceding newsletters.

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updates  2011-03-22

You will be wondering why no newsletter for some time by now. I was for one month in Europe for cataract operations which were successful. It left some time for having meetings with mainly Belgian shell enthusiasts and a visit to the Paris shell show.

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