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The quest for the best and most curious shells in the world goes on. This is the reason for more than one month of silence from my side.

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We are now back from an adventurous trip in the north of Mindanao: Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin Island. The many things we have seen were interesting, but especially Iligan is still geopolitically dangerous and it is a relief to be back in sweet Cebu. The bulul above is a little severe on my come-back as he was wondering where I was roaming around.

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World Map  2012-08-28

This is an email about numbers. First the good news. The computer genius our CEO Philippe Poppe came up with a new tool for the homepage, which I'm sure will enchant many among you.

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Shelling in Times of Cholera  2012-07-28

After Philadelphia and Houston, we arrived in the office, confronted with a classic mountain of work. We handled the maximum of urgent affairs and decided that a stay in nature is long overdue.

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Working trip to the USA, New shells and AUCTIONS again  2012-07-07

A short information on what's happening in Conchology, Inc. and around. About three weeks ago we took a last minute decision to attend the celebration of 200 years of American conchological activities in Philadelphia. This was a joint meeting of the AMS and the COA. After this, we spend conchological and cultural time in Houston. More on all this in a newsletter next week.

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