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Our company has well recovered from the burning of the two upper floors above us, although surprises are still turning up regularly. The damages on the aircon system and in the server room were considerable and the financial loss has raised to over 50 000 euro. Defects on electricity and water circuits inside the concrete are still turning up and we are still working in a "camping" situation. We expect the new roof to be finished by 15 September and hope that at that time we can stop covering and uncovering everything with plastic - a daily routine by now.

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About two years ago, the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences acquired the private Philippine collection of Marine shells of Guido T. Poppe. This collection contains the majority of the shells shown in the historical books "Philippine Marine Mollusks volumes 1 to 4" and is a unique assemblage containing virtually all the highlights of the golden period of tangle netting in the Philippines, most of these are now impossible to get unless one gets access to older collections.

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A moment of joy: left Jess (Jecilia) which virtually all of you know from correspondence. In the center Lourina (your contact in the Poppe-stamps) and on the right our youngest member: Isai. The photo translates much the joy of this trip that was omnipresent from the start to the final, three days later.

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Since a few hours we have back electricity in part of the company. Water will follow later this afternoon. The ladies have started a general clean up which will take two days, the fine black dust of the burning having penetrated even the smallest openings. The hundreds of meters of library have to be taken out, cleaned and put back. The same for many other things, concerning machines and tools and books we forgot even the existence of. Official companies are obliged to keep all paperwork for ten years, one can imagine the amount of cubic meters. All by all we were very lucky that none of the stocks got touched, although we have to replace some of the cabinets that got water damage and a few other affairs. One more advantage is the fact that the stamps as well as the shells are all individually packed in plastic: they got no dust at all. Electricians were testing the hundreds of lights and hundreds of meters of cables before putting back electricity, which took a complete day. Afterwards official government authorization was given to put back the electricity. We think to be up and running perfectly as before in two days from now. We have of course hundreds of emails to answer - the email is supposed to start and to be back online on this Tuesday afternoon. Many thanks to all for the hundreds of support via Facebook and gmail.

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Thanks for the many reactions on the Newsletters about the start of the European summer in 2016. As there was no space left in the number 4 for Conchological news, so here it comes.

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