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Shells on Stamps
Tom Walker
19 February 2003
(Updated: October 2008)

"Shells on Stamps" attempts to llustrate every stamp issued which shows shells or other molluscs on postage stamps. At present this compilation contains over 5080 stamps and highlights 1500 details. Magnified images of many stamps are included to highlight the particular mollusc that is present.

When a stamp is issued as part of a sheet, or is issued both singly and in a sheet, then the full sheet is shown at reduced size. If several varieties of a stamp were issued, or the stamps in a set issued on several dates, then the date of issue given is that of the first stamp.

The identifications of the shell is the personal opinion of the compiler, and not that of the host website. When a name is followed by another name in brackets ( ) then the name in brackets is that printed on the stamp; this may be an incorrect name or contain a significant spelling error.

What is included:

  • all stamps showing a definite mollusc
  • stamps with stylised molluscs
  • stamps with pearls that are not in jewellery

What is not included:

  • watermark, perforation and colour varieties
  • issues from "illegal" countries and bogus issues from recognised countries
  • "scallop" designs on architecture or in paintings (e.g. fountains and doorways) unless there is a realistic depiction of the scallop (with wings).

Many people have helped me with this catalogue of Shell Stamps. My special thanks are due to Guido Poppe for hosting the web site, and to Philippe Poppe and his team in the Philippines for producing the site.

Numerous stamp and shell collectors have assisted me in providing information concerning stamps, and helping in the identification of the various shells and other molluscs that are illustrated on stamps.

In particular I wish to acknowledge the help of Carel Touw, Bob Coale and Cecile Hoskens, but there are many others without whose help this catalogue would not have been possible.

Tom Walker


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