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ORDER NO. 208:

Series of 2000.....................

SUBJECT: Conservation of rare, threatened and endangered fisheries species

Pursuant to Sections 11 and 97 of R.A. 8550, this order on the conservation of rare, threatened and Endangered fishery/aquatic species is hereby issued for the information and guidance of all concerned.

SECTION 1. Definition As used in this Order, the following terms shall be construed as:

  1. Rare Fishery/aquatic resources with small world population that are not endangered or vulnerable at present.
  2. Threatened A general term which may be used to describe a fishery or aquatic species the population of which is endangered, vulnerable or rare.
  3. Endangered refers to the species, subspecies, including the eggs, offspring, parts and derivatives of plants and animals listed in the CITIES Appendices.
  4. CITES The acronym for the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of the Wild Fauna and Flora.

SECTION 2. Prohibition It Shall be unlawful for any person, natural or juridical, to take or catch or cause to be taken the following fishery/aquatic species.

1. Gastropodes

Bolma girgyllus
Clypeomorus aduncus
Recluzea lutea
Separatista blainvilliana
Malluvium itssus
Strombus thersites
Varicospira crispaie
Tibia martini
C. childreni
C. beckii
C. guttata
C. porteri
C. teremachii
C. saulae
C. katsuae
C. aurantium
C. leucodon
C. valentia
Phenacovolva dancei
Cypreacassis rufa
Phallum coronadei wyvilles
P. glabratum glabratum
Morum kurzi
Morum grande
Morum watsoni

Girgyllus star shell
bent cerith
recluzia snail
true separatista
deep sea cap
thersite stromb
network beak shell
Martinis tibia
Childrens cowrie
Becks cowrie
great spotted cowrie
porters cowrie
Teremachis cowrie
Martinis cowrie
Sauls cowrie
Katsues cowrie
golden cowrie
white toothed cowrie
prince cowrie
dance volva
bullmouth helmet
wyvilles bonnet
smooth bonnet
Kurzis morum
giant morum
Watsons morum
2. Bivalves
Amusium obliteratum
Eufistulana mumia
smudged moon scallop
club-shaped boring clam
1. Gastropodes
Turbo marmoraius
Trochus niloitcus
Bornea manilensis
green snail
smooth top shell
angel wing shell
2. Crabs
Birgus lairo coconut crab
1. Clams
Tridacna gigas
T. derasa
T. squamosa
T. maxima
T. crocea
Hippopus hippopus
H. parcellonus
true giant clam
smooth giant clam
fluted/scaly giant clam
elongated giant clam
boring./crocus clam
strawberry hoof clam
china/porcelain clam