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For years I was lurking on world maps and in Google Earth at the Batanes Islands. A small archipelago lost in the vast ocean between the Philippines and Taiwan, but still a Philippine Territory. One of my historical heroes, the pirate Dampier, the pirate with an enlightened mind, spent some months on these Islands, around 1600. As we could state, he left a strong trace! From the shapes of the boats to stone houses.

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Visitors that visited Conchology, Inc in the Philippines.

2014-10-29 - Guido, Noel Saguil, Toto Baldomero Olivera, Gabriella Raybaudi, Victoria and Christopher Bernido & Philippe.

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"For the first time, I ordered seashells from your company, & received them yesterday. First, I want to say that they are all beautiful & I love them. Second, I want to complement you on your marvelous web site. The organization of the site is great; the pictures & the ability to blow them up to really get a good idea as to what they will look like (both front & back) when they are delivered. It is truly professional & extremely helpful in deciding what to purchase. I heartily commend you for all this.Lastly, I want to again strongly complement you & your co-workers for running a truly outstanding operation, with extremely high quality products."
Howard (USA)

1000 Shells - Exceptionals from the Philippines

The Philippines are a biodiversity hotspot for mollusks. The two volumes of the "1000 Shells" depict the most desirable species and specimens - overall 1000 shells.

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Philippine Book

Volume IV: Philippine Marine Mollusks

Volume IV: Philippine Marine Mollusks
Volume IV starts with a foreword of Gisela P. Padilla-Concepcion. She is Professor in the University of the Philippines, Diliman where she occupies the Chai...

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Visaya, Visaya Supplement

VISAYA Vol. IV No. 2

Featuring articles by Mitsuo Chino, Manfred Herrmann, Peter Stahlschmidt, Aart Dekkers, Claude Vilvens , Guido T. Poppe & Sheila P. Tagaro with 7 articles containing descriptions of several new specie...

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The Iconography

The Superfamily Stromboidea - Addenda and Corrigenda. - In: A Conchological Iconography

During the last fifteen year, passed after the publication of the volume "A Conchological Iconography - The Family Strombidae", by Kreipl & Poppe (1999), a lot of new knowledge has been accumulated co...

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HSN Hawaiian Shell News Archive

44 years of Hawaiian Shell News is a now online as a searchable archive containing all issues from 1960 until 2011.

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Of Sea and Shore Of Sea and Shore

34 years of 'Of Sea and Shore', the journal created and maintained by Tom Rice. The complete set is now online as a searchable archive containing all issues from 1970 to 2004!

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Rossiniana Rossiniana

Rossiniana or 'Bulletin de l'Association Conchyliologique de N.C.' is a journal published from 1978 until 1995. In total 62 issues appeared with original descriptions, travel stories, interesting finds and many more articles.

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Poppe-Stamps > Shell on Stamps for sale Poppe-Stamps > Shell on Stamps for sale

Browse over 1,941,396 stamps either by topic or by country. Your searches allow you to find any stamp online quickly and easily. Each stamp is displayed with its proper scan. Weekly we add thousands of new stamps, subscribe or register to our newsletter to receive updates.

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Conchology  > Crabs on Shells for sale Crabs on Shells for sale

Search in over 9,455 photographed and scientifically documented crustaceans. Visit our encyclopedia with 9,455 displayed crustaceans. Your searches will allow you to find crabs online quickly and easily. Subscribe or register to our newsletter to receive updates.

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A project by Tom Rice where you are invited to participate in. This database contains over 20,000 references to shell people from the Past and the present.

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Marine Iconography of the Philippine Archipelago
Enjoy 68,714 marine life photos from the Philippines.

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