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Title VISAYA Vol. I No. 2
Info In the second issue of Visaya: E. L. Heiman, Felix Lorenz, Manuel J. Tenorio & Carlos M. L. Afonso, Gabriella Raybaudi Massilia, Eva Pip and Guido T. Poppe contributed with 6 articles containing descriptions of several new species. Other articles are: "Conchological Treasures from the Philippines" and "Intraspecific Variation in mauritia arabica".
Species Conus medoci sp. nov.
Conus chiapponorum sp. nov.
Conus vulcanus n. sp.
Conus claudiae n. sp.
Conus isabelarum n. sp.
Conus crioulus n. sp.
Conus suduirauti n. sp.
Physella winnipegensis n. sp
Pages 59
Plates 20
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