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Title VISAYA Supplement I
Info An Iconographic visit of the Pleurotomariidae family by Patrick Anseeuw & Guido T. Poppe. All species, 29 Pleurotomaria are discussed and illustrated with color plates. This is the only existing fully upgraded work.
Species Perotrochus quoyanus insularis
Perotrochus lucaya
Perotrochus amabilis
Perotrochus maureri
Perotrochus atlanticus
Perotrochus vicdani
Perotrochus metivieri
Entemnotrochus adansonianus adansonianus
Entemnotrochus adansonianus bermundensis
Entemnotrochus rumphii
Mikadotrochus beyrichii
Mikadotrochus hirasei
Mikadotrochus oishii
Mikadotrochus salmianus
Mikadotrochus anseeuwi
Mikadotrochus caledonicus
Mikadotrochus deforgesi
Mikadotrochus gotoi
Bayerotrochus africanus
Bayerotrochus teramachii
Bayerotrochus westralis
Bayerotrochus boucheti
Bayerotrochus diluculum
Bayerotrochus tangaroana
Bayerotrochus indicus
Bayerotrochus poppei
Bayerotrochus midas
Bayerotrochus pyramus
Bayerotrochus charlestonensis
Pages 37
Plates 30
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