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Title Volume II: Philippine Marine Mollusk
Info VOLUME II of the Philippine Marine Molllusks starts with a foreword of Mr. M. Sarmiento, director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of the Philippines. After a short introduction by Guido T. Poppe, the collaborating expert authors in this volume are presented, exactly in the same way as in Volume I.
They are with their respective specialties:
* Paul Callomon : Faciolariidae.
* Tiziano Cossignani: Cysticidae & Marginellidae.
* Koen Fraussen: Buccinidae & Babyloniidae.
* Roland Houart: Muricidae.
* David Monsecour: Colubrariidae.
* Kevin Monsecour: Columbellidae.
* Baldomero M. Olivera: Turridae.
* Marco Oliverio: Coralliophilidae.
* Ed Petuch: Olividae.
* Gabriella Raybaudi Massilia: Conidae.
* Dennis Sargent: Olividae.
; * Martin Snyder: Fasciolariidae.
; * Alexander V. Sysoev: Turrid groups Clathurellidae, Clavatulidae, Drillidae, Turridae.
* Sheila P. Tagaro: Costellariidae, Mitridae.
* Yves Terryn: Terebridae.
; * André Verhecken: Cancellariidae.
This Volume II has more plates than Volume I – the general introduction has already been done in Volume I. There is a total of 395 full page color plates and the book counts 849 pages.
A short bibliography and a practical index, with an erratum to Volume I close the Volume II. The work is indispensable in the basic conchological library and is a starting point for research on all Neogastropod families.
The Volume II is made similar to Volume I: high quality paper and is hardbound. It weighs also 3.5 kg.
Pages 849
Plates 395
Price 90.00 €

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