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Title Visaya Vol. 4 No. 5
Info Huang, S., Fu, I. & Poppe, G. T.: Taiwanese and Philippine Colloniidae. Nomenclatural Remarks and the Description of 17 New Species (Gastropoda: Colloniidae). Anseeuw, P.: Two New Pleurotomariid Subspecies from the South Pacific (Gastropoda: Pleurotomariidae). Fehse, D. & Van de Haar, B.: Errata: Contributions to the Knowledge of the Triviidae, XXVII. A New Trivia from the Plio-Pleistocene of Knokke, Belgium. - (2015) Visaya, 4 (4): 21-28, pls. 1-4, text figs. 1-3. Veldsman, S. G., Veldsman, J. H. & Aiken, R.: Review of Marginella ornata Redfield, 1870 and Description of Three New Species: Marginella donaikeni n. sp., Marginella rubrovittata n. sp. and Marginella roseoflavescens n. sp. from South Africa. Simone, L. R. L. & Takashigue, H.: A New Species of Cribrarula from Japan (Caenogastropoda, Cypraeidae). Poppe, G. T. & Tagaro, S. P.: New Marine Mollusks from the Central Philippines in the Families Aclididae, Chilodontidae, Cuspidariidae, Nuculanidae, Nystellidae, Seraphsidae and Vanikoridae.
Species New taxa: Cantrainea alfi n. sp., Collonista thachi n. sp., Homalopoma concors n. sp., Homalopoma himuquitanense n. sp., Homalopoma hui n. sp., Homalopoma imberculi n. sp., Homalopoma keyurare n. sp., Homalopoma lini n. sp., Homalopoma lunellum n. sp., Homalopoma mactanense n. sp., Homalopoma mikkelsenae n. sp., Homalopoma nubisrubri n. sp., Homalopoma parvum n. sp., Homalopoma profundum n. sp., Homalopoma tagaroae n. sp., Homalopoma unicum n. sp., Homalopoma zephyrium n. sp., Bayerotrochus boucheti mirificus n. ssp., Mikadotrochus salmianus neocaledonicus n. ssp., Marginella donaikeni n. sp., Marginella rubrovittata n. sp., Marginella roseoflavescens n. sp., Cribrarula boninensis n. sp., Aclis maestratii n. sp., Cuspidaria tomricei n. sp., Cuspidaria vicdani n. sp., Cyclonidea dondani n. sp., Euchelus decora n. sp., Iphitus boucheti n. sp., Iphitus escondida n. sp., Macromphalus magnificus n. sp., Nuculana sufficientia n. sp., Terebellum hubrechti n. sp., Vaceuchelus entienzai n. sp.
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