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Title VISAYA Supplement VII
Info The present regional monograph is based on the study of 4,859 specimens of Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae collected during several expeditions in New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. Altogether, 171 species are present of which 76 are new to science; the range of 92 already known species is expanded; 3 species are figured but not named. The generic allocation of a number of species remains uncertain, situation that can be resolved only with the analysis of the soft parts. All species are described and illustrated with digital color photos and with environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM); particular emphasis was given to protoconchs. Fifteen genera of Cerithiopsidae are represented: Belonimorphis (1 species), Cerithiopsidella (1), Clathropsis (22), Horologica (22), Joculator (41), Marshallopsis (12), Medax (5), Onchodia (1), Prolixodens (10), Retilaskeya (1), Seila (3), Specula (16), Sundaya (7), Synthopsis (18), Tubercliopsis (3); and 2 genera of Newtoniellidae: Ataxocerithium (2), Cerithiella (6). We also analyzed the species from Lifou and Uvea (Loyalty Is.) instituted by Melvill & Standen (1896).
Species Ataxocerithium kanakorum
Belonimorphis touhoensis
Cerithiella australis
Cerithiella fallax
Cerithiella praerupta
Cerithiella translucens
Cerithiella travani
Cerithiopsidella cornea
Clathropsis apexlevis
Clathropsis arcangelae
Clathropsis berthaultorum
Clathropsis caledonica
Clathropsis chatenayi
Clathropsis cuspidiformis
Clathropsis doimanensis
Clathropsis joannotae
Clathropsis laurenti
Clathropsis lifouensis
Clathropsis marshalli
Horologica chaillei
Horologica hombouyi
Horologica loyaltyensis
Horologica siapoi
Horologica siazei
Joculator filum
Joculator aeneus
Joculator anconae
Joculator angustus
Joculator bauquisi
Joculator breviculus
Joculator erianae
Joculator goubini
Joculator hadeldae
Joculator iopuei
Joculator laregnereensis
Joculator legof
Joculator magninensis
Joculator mbereensis
Joculator morigii
Joculator schiaparellii
Joculator tagliaferroi
Joculator testii
Joculator tieensis
Marshallopsis aboreensis
Marshallopsis gofasi
Marshallopsis utriculus
Mendax barbarae
Mendax denatalis
Mendax tenuicostata
Onchodia cooki
Prolixodens alba
Prolixodens montrouzieri
Prolixodens obesa
Prolixodens oleagina
Prolixodens whaaporum
Seila (Lyroseila) sienii
Specula dagostinoi
Specula dimatteoi
Specula guttula
Specula menoui
Specula perplexa
Specula ruali
Specula santalensis
Specula servadeii
Sundaya bancheti
Sundaya laboutei
Sundaya poigounei
Sundaya rigneusae
Sundaya spurca
Synthopsis difcilis
Synthopsis eleonorae
Synthopsis noumeaensis
Synthopsis ouaoensis
Synthopsis richeri
Synthopsis spadai
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