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Special Offer

To enable also new collectors to get the complete yet published series of the Conchological Iconography at a payable amount we allow for back-orders of issues published in 1999 to 2008 for an order

  • of 2-5 different Conchological Iconography-issues a 20% discount
  • of 6-9 different Conchological Iconography-issues a 35% discount
  • of 10-14 different Conchological Iconography-issues a 50% discount

The Iconography on Pectinidae by Raines & Poppe is excluded from this special offer, as the price is already reduced by 50%.

Discounts will be applied after ordering by Conchbooks.

Book ID: 100012

Volume I: Family Harpidae

The first among many groups that will be treated a...

40.00 €

Book ID: 100013

Volume II: Family Strombidae

This book consists of 2 parts: a Family outline, w...

69.50 €

Book ID: 100014

Volume III: Family Ficidae

The third book in the Conchological Iconography se...

30.00 €

Book ID: 100015

Volume IV: Family Haliotidae

The fourth book in the Conchological Iconography s...

84.50 €

Book ID: 100016

Volume V: A Taxonomic Introduction to the Recent Volutidae

That part gives on 30 pages of text a most actual ...

15.00 €

Book ID: 100017

Volume VI: Genus Amoria

This monographic treating of one of the most colou...

69.00 €

Book ID: 100018

Volume VII: Genus Acavidae

This seventh issue is the first part dedicated to ...

60.00 €

Book ID: 100019

Volume VIII: Family Turbinidae

This 68–page part of the Iconography series ...

68.00 €

Book ID: 100020

Volume IX: The Tribe Lyriini

This monographic treatment embraces the descriptio...

68.00 €

Book ID: 100021

Volume X: Family Conidae

A. Monteiro, M. J. Tenorio & G. T. Poppe (2004) &n...

110.00 €

Book ID: 100022

Volume XI: Recent Volutes of New Zealand

The first synthesis of New Zealand Mollusca was by...

68.00 €

Book ID: 100023

Volume XII: Family Pectinidae

A Conchological Iconography, part 12: The Family ...

140.00 €

Book ID: 100024

Volume XIII: Family Tonnidae

A Conchological Iconography

60.00 €

Book ID: 100029

Volume XIV: The Family Buccinidae, The Genus Neptunea

Indispensible in the library of any collector of t...

120.00 €

Book ID: 100030

Volume XV: The Family Conidae II

The family Conidae – The South African speci...

58.00 €

Book ID: 100895

Volume XVI: The Family Volutidae

The endemic Far East Asia family Fulgorariinae Pil...

68.00 €

Book ID: 100902

Volume XVII : The Family Turbinidae, subfamilies Turbininae (excl. Turbo) & Prisogasterinae

With this volume, the description of the species o...

84.00 €

Book ID: 100904

A Conchological Iconography, XVIII: The Families Conilithidae and Conidae - The Conus of the East Pacific

The 3rd Volume of the Conchological Iconography on...

72.00 €

Book ID: 100908

Volume XIX: Family Babyloniidae

The Babyloniidae, or commonly called 'Ivory Shells...

58.00 €

Book ID: 100909

Volume XIX: Family Babyloniidae

The Babyloniidae, or commonly called 'Ivory Shells...

72.00 €

Book ID: 100911

A Conchological Iconography Suplement 1: The Family Turbinidae, subfamily Turbininae, genus Turbo

Since the publication of the 1st volume on Turbini...

8.00 €

Book ID: 100915

The Superfamily Stromboidea - Addenda and Corrigenda. - In: A Conchological Iconography

During the last fifteen year, passed after the pub...

48.00 €