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Uniquenumber Famiy Species Size Image Locality Price Buy
839876 AMASTRIDAE Amastra affinis 13.5 mm. Amastra affinis Hawaii. Maui Island.    
841127 AMASTRIDAE Amastra albolabris 16 mm. Amastra albolabris Hawaii. Oahu Island.    
841125 AMASTRIDAE Amastra biplicata 21.7 mm. Amastra biplicata Hawaii. Lanai Island.    
839883 AMASTRIDAE Amastra crassilabrum 13.8 mm. Amastra crassilabrum Hawaii. Oahu Island.    
841126 AMASTRIDAE Amastra decorticata 13.8 mm. Amastra decorticata Hawaii. Oahu Island.    
839886 AMASTRIDAE Amastra dwighti concomitans 24.6 mm. Amastra dwighti concomitans Hawaii. Molokai. Makakupha.    
839870 AMASTRIDAE Amastra elongata 9.4 mm. Amastra elongata Hawaii. Oahu Island.    
841128 AMASTRIDAE Amastra flavescens 14.8 mm. Amastra flavescens Hawaii. Hamahua.    
841132 AMASTRIDAE Amastra fusiformis 14.6 mm. Amastra fusiformis Hawaii. Maui Island.    
841134 AMASTRIDAE Amastra hutchinsoni 17.5 mm. Amastra hutchinsoni Hawaii. Maui Island. Makawas.    
793571 AMASTRIDAE Amastra micans 13.7 mm. Amastra micans Hawaii. Oahu. Waiawae Mountain.    
839875 AMASTRIDAE Amastra mucronata 15.3 mm. Amastra mucronata Hawaii. Maui.    
839190 AMASTRIDAE Amastra nigra 16.7 mm. Amastra nigra Hawaii. Oahu.    
839189 AMASTRIDAE Amastra nigrolabris 17.8 mm. Amastra nigrolabris Hawaii. Maui.    
839181 AMASTRIDAE Amastra nubilosa 22.9 mm. Amastra nubilosa Hawaii. Oahu.    
793574 AMASTRIDAE Amastra nucleola 11 mm. Amastra nucleola Hawaii. Kavai.    
729294 AMASTRIDAE Amastra pullata pullata f. subnigra 20.7 mm. Amastra pullata pullata f. subnigra Hawaii. Molokai.    
729276 AMASTRIDAE Amastra pullata umbrosa 16.7 mm. Amastra pullata umbrosa Hawaii. Molokai.    
839885 AMASTRIDAE Amastra reticulata 22.5 mm. Amastra reticulata Hawaii. Oahu Island.    
770837 AMASTRIDAE Amastra reticulata cf. 178 mm. Amastra reticulata cf. Tanzania.    
839878 AMASTRIDAE Amastra rubens 18.6 mm. Amastra rubens Hawaii. Oahu. North Waianae mountains. Under coconut trees on ground among rocks. Dry lowland forest.    
793556 AMASTRIDAE Amastra similaris 10.8 mm. Amastra similaris Hawaii. Kauai.    
839882 AMASTRIDAE Amastra soror 11.6 mm. Amastra soror Hawaii. Maui Island.    
839198 AMASTRIDAE Amastra textilis 13.5 mm. Amastra textilis Hawaii. Oahu.    
839869 AMASTRIDAE Amastra violacea 32.2 mm. Amastra violacea Hawaii. Oahu.    
545488 AMASTRIDAE Carelia bicolor fuliginea mm. Carelia bicolor fuliginea United States of America. Hawaii. Oahu. Among leaf litter. Extinct. Ca. 1930.    
545474 AMASTRIDAE Carelia cochlea mm. Carelia cochlea United States of America. Hawaii. N E Kauai. Ahukini River bed. Along calcified dunes. Circa 1970.    
545487 AMASTRIDAE Carelia cumingiana mm. Carelia cumingiana United States of America. Hawaii. Oahu. Among leaf litter. Extinct. Ca. 1930.    
106739 AMASTRIDAE Carelia cumingiana 32.1 mm. Carelia cumingiana United States of America. Hawaii. Oahu. Among leaf litter. Extinct. Ca. 1930.    
841114 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina baldwini 26.3 mm. Leptachatina baldwini Hawaii.    
839187 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina balteata 7.8 mm. Leptachatina balteata Hawaii. Oahu. Honolulu. Diamond Head. Circa 1980.    
793573 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina balteata 9.3 mm. Leptachatina balteata Hawaii. Kavai.    
841123 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina cerealis 7.6 mm. Leptachatina cerealis Hawaii. Maui Island.    
839872 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina cingula cf. 17.1 mm. Leptachatina cingula cf. Hawaii.    
841129 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina crystallina 8.5 mm. Leptachatina crystallina Hawaii. Oahu. Island.    
839194 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina fusca 9.4 mm. Leptachatina fusca Hawaii. Maui.    
841108 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina impressa 16 mm. Leptachatina impressa Hawaii.    
839192 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina mauiensis 12.5 mm. Leptachatina mauiensis Hawaii. Maui.    
839182 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina nitida 9.1 mm. Leptachatina nitida Hawaii. Maui.    
839196 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina striatula 10.7 mm. Leptachatina striatula Hawaii. Kauai. Polihale. In rock and soil talus.    
839880 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina succinea 7.8 mm. Leptachatina succinea Hawaii.    
839867 AMASTRIDAE Leptachatina ventulus 22.4 mm. Leptachatina ventulus Hawaii. Oahu.