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34 years of 'Of Sea and Shore', the journal created and maintained by Tom Rice. The complete set is now online as a searchable archive containing all issues from 1970 to 2004.

Tom compiled 5 huge indexes containing all the articles cross-referenced to easily navigate the content. Click on the Index topics to go to the articles.

Each issue is available either as a searchable and/or a downloadable PDF.

Use the search box to find any information located.

For those who prefer to read the journal in paper, Tom Rice still has for sale the Volumes 24 to 27, as well as a DVD with all the PDF and indexes on it. You can email Tom Rice to inquire and to acquire.

About Tom Rice and Of Sea and Shore

Tom Rice produced the popular magazine, OF SEA AND SHORE for a span of 34 years: 4 issues a year. The contents covers the fin de siècle interest of conchologists from all over the world, but particularly from the USA: it was issued from 1970 to 2004! This magazine got at some periods more than a thousand members and it was popular all over the world. In fact, Of Sea and Shore, together with Hawaiian Shell News were the most widely distributed American popular magazines of their time, linking thousands of shell collectors from all over the planet. Tom now lives in Thailand, Phuket. Many among you met him there already.


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