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Short Film Documenting Conchology, Inc.

Conchology, Inc. is one of the smallest companies in a huge industrial park that enjoys special government protection and other advantages in exchange for providing labor and a number of social obligations. It also has the advantage that we can exchange commercial experiences with staffs of other companies, which are most often European, Japanese or American in our industrial zone. One of these companies referred us to an excellent group of filmmakers documenting the companies at work here.

We happily underwent this very special experience and for one week a group of young enthusiasts, linked to local television, were busy documenting a most often invisible part of Conchology, Inc. We are happy to share the result of this effort with you: it is a short film of 11 minutes.

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Youtube: https://youtu.be/NBpgwfUbS1M
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conchologyinc/videos/1041491665951476/